On and around the Farmstead

January :

The start of the new year is marked by the traditional firework displays, observed from the dike. 

The cattle are in their stalls, the ponies in the outer stables. 

Feeding the animals has to be done twice daily and in the evenings the chickens are rounded up in the coop. 







The start of the lambing season, so the first of the ewes come into the stalls from the meadow. More mouths to feed.

This year the lambing went extremely well – 28 lambs from 12 ewes.




Most of the lambs have been born. 

Spring is on the way, the grass is starting to grow and fertalizer has to be spread.

The ponies and sheep are allowed back into the meadow.

A pair of Little Owls nest in the old orchard and from March one can hear their mating calls.


A few more lambs are born. The fences have to be checked and repaired where necessary.

Nearly all the animals have now been moved into the meadows and the stables and stalls are given a major cleaning.

The chicks of the white fantail pidgeons which belong on the farm start to hatch.




The first of the foals are born and the bull joins the cows in the meadow.

Everything is in blossom.

By the end of May, the first haygrass can usually be mown.




Making hay, a lot of work to be done in the garden and checking the thistle growth.

We must of course not forget our three dogs that try to help but without much success.


Occasionally a late foal is born.

Taking the ponies to the “day for people and animals” In Dutch: ("Dag van mens en dier") – an annual festival in Dordrecht.

The holiday season is usually spent doing chores and odd jobs around the farm.






The holiday season comes to an end.

Straw is stored in the barn.

Visits to a few inspections.

Taking father’s ponies to a show in Etten-Leur.  


The ram is put with the ewes.

The ponies are groomed and prepared for the show in Hoornaar.

Summer is coming to an end.


The show in Hoornaar is on the 1st Saturday of the month – an important day for the ponies.









The meadows look empty and forlorn. They get dry and barren,

but with a bit of luck we get to see deer in the distance.





The ponies are back in the stables.

Time has gone swiftly by and with Christmas and New Years eve,

the year comes to an end.








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