Fedor van de Lindenhoeve

 S.800445, 102cm., 6 * First premium    

Fedor was born at april 19th 1991.He was licensed as a 3 year old stallion and got until 1996 always a premium. After he finished successfully his descendant investigation in that year, Fedor  always got a first premium, and as a highlight in 2000, the year in which he at the stallion examination his category won and four first premiums, under which the champion stallions ”Friso van de Heuvelhof” and   ”Florisant van de Beatrixlaan” left behind him. In 2004 Fedor was definite approved on the ground of his breeding results. In 1998 Fedor was exclaimed to champion during the UTV.      

The father of Fedor is the well known Asterix van Dorpzicht, the mother has been bred from the well known stable Richtershof. She has been exported to Sweden at four years age, where she has brought forth from the combination  with Wessel van de Amstelhof  the champions mare Almnäs Fresia.  (see picture)                            

Fedor was bougth at four year age, and still owned by the combination of the Alloysehoeve and stable Haïnk from Etten-Leur.  





    First premium daughters
Lotte van Haïnk (m. Daisy v.d. Stoommolen)

Laura van de Alloysehoeve (m. Deliana v.'t Berckepad)

Mary Rose van de Nieuwenberg (m. Carola van Haïnk)

Natalie van Haïnk (m. Fluffie van Haïnk)

Onnie van Haïnk (m. Donalda van Haïnk)

Pauline van Haïnk (m. Donalda van Haïnk)

Rebecca van Haïnk (m. Donalda van Haïnk)

Victoria van de Alloysehoeve (m. Daisy v.d. Stoommolen)


                            Surprise van Dorpzicht S.856 Preferent 

Sire: Asterix van Dorpzicht S.981 Preferent/IBOP-B 

                            Fluke of Marshwood S.18669 Kroon/SuperPreferent


                            Mustang van Bunswaard S.730 Preferent 

Dam: Brigitte van Richtershof S. 99419  

                            Sheifa van Richtershof S.90508 Kroon/Preferent